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The Curl Experience

Helping you embrace and enhance your

natural curl

Did you grow up not loving your curls? Were you told your hair is not good? Too big, not professional, unruly? Do you sometimes feel judged  because of your hair? 

You are enough, your natural hair is beautiful. Your curls are your identity. Let us help guide you to embrace and enhance what makes you uniquely you.


We fully understand the trauma around haircuts and that it can be difficult to trust yet another stylist. We though, are not just stylists. We are here to listen to your full curl story, to honor your past and to curate a better curl experience for you. 

Meet the Tribe

The stylists to make your curl dreams come true.

Meet our Tribe + learn about each of our incredible stylists. Click their personal bio's to help find the right fit for your curls

Curl Experiences

Woman with tight curls, smiling outside.

Our Curl Experiences are expertly curated with your total curl health in mind. Find an inclusive Experience that suits you. 

What to Expect

Salon chair, Eames style. Mid Century cabinet and a mirror and products and lighting,

Learn about all the steps we will take you on through your curl journey, the before, during and after

Curl Experiences

Curl Cut Experience

New Guest $80+ | 1hr 30min+


Specialized Curl Cut to enhance your natural hair. Starts with curl and scalp analysis. Dry cutting method with expert layering and shaping. Then wash, treat and curl set using customized products for your curl type. Includes styling training, clarifying, scalp treatment and re-moisturizing if needed.

Curl Cut Experience 

Loyal Guest $70+ | 1 hr 15min+

Specialized Curl Cut to enhance your natural hair. Starts with curl and scalp analysis. Dry cutting method with expert layering and shaping. Then wash, treat and curl set using customized products for your curl type.

Curl Discovery Experience

All Guests $55+ | 1hr+

Is this your first time trying to embrace and enhance your curl? This is perfect if you're not ready to commit to a cut, but eager to refine your routine or find the curl you thought you didn't have. Includes a custom scalp + conditioning treatment, expert styling, and curl training.

Ultimate Color Experience+Curl Cut

New Guest $280+   Loyal Guest $260+ | 3hrs 30 min+

Perfect option for your first visit. Includes everything to make your curls pop by adding color and|or  coils of dimension throughout your entire head. We will chose the best techniques to achieve your desired results. Includes Curl Cut Experience. Recommended 1-2 times yearly or for big changes.

Color Experience+Curl Cut

New Guest $230+   Loyal Guest $200+ | 2hrs 45min+

Refresh your roots and enhance your curls with subtle dimension through the top of your hair and around your face. Includes Curl Cut Experience. This is a great option to maintain in between the Ultimate Color Experience.

Recommended every 8-12 weeks.

Color Refresh+Curl Cut

 Loyal Guest Only $145+


Existing Guests Only. One color on just the roots to cover grays. Includes Conditioning Color Gloss and Curl Cut Experience.

Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

The Pre-Visit

We're thrilled that you've found our salon oasis, and we're ready to help you embrace and enhance your  natural curly hair.


Begin your journey by choosing the stylist for you. Explore our Tribe page. Each stylist has their own curl perspective and life experiences that have lead them to love the curl journey. So take time to find your perfect match.


Now, choose the right first time experience for you.  Explore all of our Curl Experiences. Are you ready for a cut, color, or just a treatment and style?  We have all the options for you. 


Next, go ahead and Book Your Appointment today. We don't want to wait another minute to meet you! We are so exited to start this curl journey together. 

Then please take a few minutes to fill out our Consultation Form.This helps us get to know you and your hair goals so we can be fully prepared and make sure we have enough time to meet your needs.

We will send you a text confirmation and an email with all the important information you need before your first visit. 

Please come to the salon with your hair in its natural state, recently washed and detangled. Please use minimal products and leave your hair down.  


The Salon Experience

You have arrived! Settle in to your new salon home.We know you're nervous. We've got you!  Sit back, relax and get ready for some curl love. 

Next up, the VIP Consultation. We love this part!  We want to know every single detail of your hair story, the good the bad, and the ugly! We understand that time is needed to get to know each other, and we will take it. We will ask questions to get to know every detail, from your history, routine, to styling products, to scalp health. This takes time and we are here for it!

Now that we have the perfect plan in place, let the fun begin!


We will likely start with a dry cut, so please come with your hair prepped with minimal product in its natural state. Your first curl experience will include a scalp treatment and a deep conditioning. We will also take a deep dive on how to best take care of and style your curls. 


We only use the very best for your color transformation. We use  Eufora Color  with organic aloe vera as a main ingredient to maintain your hair health. This allows your curls to retain their shape and bounce, and to stay healthy, moisturized  and shiny.


Elena has developed a signature product line just for your curls. Bent Hair + Co meets the needs of every type of curl. It is botanically based and formulated to support and encourage your curls. We will discuss which Bent Hair + Co products will meet your specific goals and routine.


We did it!! You look amazing!  We would love to feature your new found confidence and look on social media. If you are comfortable with a mini photo shoot, please wear neutral colors without print. We want you to have fun with this so relax and let's show off the new you! 

After Goodbye

Thank you so much for trusting us! We absolutely look forward to seeing you again! 

 If you don't get on the books before you leave, you are welcome to book your next appointment online.Our schedule opens 60 days out. Before you leave, we will help you decide when to come back and what to book for your next visit. 

We know you just got a new routine and likely a whole new curl education so, give yourself grace in putting all this newness into practice. We are here for you, if you have questions or concerns, we are just a text away. Please save the number that you got confirmation messages from and use that to communicate if needed. You will also receive exclusive access to our Members Only page. This will help guide you through the perfect wash day. The password will be in your email after your appointment.

The greatest honor is when we know you loved your experience. Please at and tag us in your posts! 

We hope we have inspired you to love your curls and we look forward to continuing our journey together!

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