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The Tribe

Find your perfect match.


Elena Broadbent


My mission is to guide you on your journey to embracing and enhancing your natural hair curve so you can be a more confident you


I love working with wavy, curly + coily hair


Skyler Clark


My mission is to help you look beautiful but more importantly feel beautiful inside and out.

I love enhancing straight, wavy + curly hair


Tiffany Shobe


My mission is to help you shape shift. through the changes of life while actively listening and kindly caring for your present hair needs.

I love working with wavy + curly hair  


Alaina Lively


My mission guide you through a color transformation to help you feel on top of the world!

I love working with straight, wavy + curly hair.


Jennifer Barbour


My mission is to find my groove in the curl world

I love styling straight, wavy, curly + coily hair 

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