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Well Hello, I'm

Tiffany Shobe 

Intuitive Stylist | Curl Enhancer

As a recent transplant from Richmond to Waynesboro, I’ve landed in my new salon home in the Queen City, Staunton. I’m so ready to guide the beautiful women of this area through their big life and hair transitions. 


Are you going though a big change in your life? Me too! I know how you feel. I am here for you. Tell me your hair story and I will use my focus, creativity, and likely all my tools to guide you to being the most beautiful you, inside and out. 


Growing up my mom was a home stylist for shut ins and those in need. She inspires me. Like her, my purpose in this industry is having intimate interactions with people. I have a special skill in holding space for you.  Whether you have anxiety around getting your haircut or struggle with your needs not being heard, I hear you, I see you. I provide a safe place to work through those emotions on the path to healing. 

While most stylists focus on quick efficient work, I provide a true experience. Having worked in the industry for two decades, I found that my love is in a transformation. Whether you’re ready to chop it off or do something a little funky, I got you! 


When I’m not working I enjoy traveling to sacred lands. My creativity feeds off of those experiences. I love to study meditation, which helps me to create a calm, therapeutic experience for you. I also love to connect to the earth by working in my yard with my plants. In the salon you will find me caring for the plant babies. Most of all I love spending time with my family, we love camping and exploring this beautiful valley. They are my world! 


I hope to have to opportunity to be the light that guides you through your hair and life journey. I am here to hold space for any inner challenges that may come up, let’s ride the wave together! Come on, let’s make a beautiful new hair story together! 


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Curl Cut Experience 

New Guest $85    Loyal Guest $70

1hr 15min+


Ultimate Color Experience+Curl Cut

New Guest $300   Loyal Guest $270

3hrs 30 min+

Color Experience+Curl Cut

New Guest $245   Loyal Guest $220


Curl Discovery Experience

All Guests $60


Haircut Experience 

New Guest $70 Loyal Guest $70

1hr 15min

Ultimate Color Experience 

New Guest $270  Loyal Guest $240

 3hrs 30min+

Color Experience

New Guest $215   Loyal Guest $190

 2hrs 30min+

Healthy Hair Experience

All Guests $60



Kind Words

Tiffany changed my life. She is such a vibrant artist and was able to bring my dream to life better than I could have ever imagined. I cannot recommend going here enough to experience the gift of her craft.

- Shane Grey

Saw Tiffany’s work originally on Instagram. I knew she was the curly haired stylist I was looking for all this time. Came all the way from Harrisonburg! She was so welcoming and answered all my questions and gave me the best tips too. I trusted her with my hair and she did not disappoint. I will be back!

- Stephanie Ramirez

Saw Tiffany for a curly cut. It included a scalp treatment and hair mask, and styling. She really looked at what I had, face shape, what my hair is doing and my concerns and gave me something manageable and flattering!


- Keleigh Hagenesen

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